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For more than 15 years we have been operating as a platform for articulation that strengthens the links between the various actors for the implementation that implement the multiple development projects within the territory of Chaco

10millions of euros

in projects supported by the European Union are implemented by different consortia in Argentina, from 2021 to 2026.


belonging to the United Nations system, consider REDES CHACO as a reference platform for cross-border articulation of this purpose.

500thousand dollars

is the support that the IDB provided to the program “NANUM, Mujeres Conectadas” for the installation of 40 connectivity centers and training in the use of the internet to 5,000 women of the Chaco region

Initiatives of collective impact


It is an initiative of the European Union, implemented by Redes Chaco and co-managed by a consortium of social organizations with great experience in territory, composed of: AVINA Foundation, ProYungas Foundation, Pronorte Foundation, Cultural Association for Integral Development (ACDI) and Franciscan Association Pata Pila.

The project aims to promote a multi-sectoral collective agreement between public, civil society and private actors in the region of the North of Argentina for the transformation of the territory into a leading region in sustainable development, with special emphasis on the productive sector.

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It is developed with the aim of contributing to the reparation of the rights of the indigenous and Creole peoples. It is an initiative that contributes to the realization of human rights and to the recovery and economic resilience of their peoples through the development of productive activities that contribute to preserving their culture, their environment and their lands.

For this, a consortium of organizations was formed with the financial support of the European Union and took on the challenge of bringing together the efforts of the provincial governments, civil society organizations and indigenous and Creole organizations in the area of Santa Victoria and Rivadavia Banda Norte in Salta province, and Santa Barbara in Jujuy in a cooperation project that aims to generate public policies at the local level, that later they can scale to the set of territories


NANUM Project is a trinational project (Argentina, Bolivia and Paraguay) funded by the Innovation Laboratory of the IDB Group – IDB Lab and implemented by Avina Foundation in partnership with the Gran Chaco Foundation in Argentina. Sunu Group in Paraguay and Naturaleza Tierra y Vida – NATIVA in Bolivia with the support of Redes Chaco and the Women´s Collective.

This alliance arises from the meeting of the Gran Chaco Nanum Village initiatives for digital connectivity and literacy and Gran Chaco PROADAPT, aimed at strengthening the capacity of adaptation and resilience of the communities of this region

The project aims to strengthen the rural communities of Great Chaco through access to technologies that will reduce isolation, improving their capacity for adaptation and resilience to climate change, with a focus on promoting the role of women as agents of change.


It is a trinational alliance to contribute to the adaptive capacity of the most vulnerable social groups of the Gran Chaco Americano and to a greater resilience of their productions in this region against impacts derived from climate change and climate variability.

It is an initiative born in Redes Chaco and is being funded in its early phases by Avina Foundation, the IDB Investment Laboratory (IDB Lab) and the Nordic Development Fund (NDF).

With this objective, AdApp was launched, a mobile application that allows to store and disseminate the precipitation and height data of the rivers that these inhabitants are taking daily. This allows them to visualize on a map the places where it rained and how much, to determine, for example, if they should move their animals because they are going to flood or take better advantage of the water from neighboring places if it did not rain instead, know if they will have drought or if the roads will be flooded, etc.

It is available on Google Play


It is a space for meeting and trinational dialog, under the premise of “a multidimensional look at the sustainable development of the Great American Chaco”, for the construction of proposals that allow to face the challenges and take advantage of the opportunities presented by the region.

Its organization is run by Redes Chaco and is held biannually. It brings together the civil society, the executive and legislative bodies of the State, the business sector, as well as international cooperation, the United Nations system and the European Union in Argentina.
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Trinational projects


It seeks to implement an integrated transboundary management scheme to promote conservation and sustainable development in the Pilcomayo river basin, strengthen protected areas in the region, preserve ecosystem functionality and implement sustainable production models.


Movement that promotes, in the region of the Great American Chaco, business models that promote a sustainable, competitive and inclusive development, through the enhancement of natural and cultural capital, combining innovation with local knowledge.


Composed of actors from the 3 countries who, around the “Chaco Trinational Initiative” supported by the French Fund, work on the creation and management of conservation areas in the region.


It promotes sustainable human development for all inhabitants of the Pantanal Chaco region according to their own worldview and culture, through inclusive and participatory management of the territory, ensuring the availability of essential ecosystem services such as access to water, food security and resilience to climate change.


It is a space for trinational integration between authorities at the subnational and local levels of government, together with organized civil society, indigenous peoples’ communities and the business sector. Created to facilitate the transboundary governance of the region, with exemplifying results, such as the dredging of the Pilcomayo River among the 3 countries or the construction of the Fairground in Yacuiba to expose Chaco production.