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We promote cooperation between various stakeholders in order to build a sustainable, competitive and equitable future.

To do so, we promote concrete, highly innovative and nature-based collaborative solutions in line with global trends in sustainable development.


Enviromental innovation

Our unwavering commitment to sustainability and the preservation of the natural environment of the North of Argentina translates into climate change adaptation plans for local communities, as well as the management and conservation of protected areas.

We work closely with producers, governments, chambers and business networks to identify innovation needs in the region. We work on the detection of companies that can provide equipment or services related to sustainability and promote the scientific-technological link between Argentina and the world. This drives new, climate-smart business models aligned with international climate change agreements.

Climate change is a reality that requires immediate action. We develop climate change adaptation plans in specific sectors and design early warning systems. In addition, we create digital solutions for climate adaptation, providing tools to address the challenges this poses to local communities.

We are committed to preserving biodiversity and protecting natural areas. We conducted a survey of the current state of Northern Argentina Protected Area System and worked on the identification and creation of new private and community areas. We promote territorial models such as Protected Productive Landscapes (PPL) and collaborate with the private sector to consolidate and scale up conservation initiatives at the regional level.

We develop projects to facilitate access to carbon markets. We present these projects to certifiers and marketers to contribute to the mitigation of climate change. In addition, we generate detailed information on regional biodiversity and use innovative monitoring systems as tools for informed decision-making.

Productive innovation

We work tirelessly to boost the competitiveness and sustainable growth of the productive sectors in the North of Argentina. We collaborate in improving the productivity and export potential of local companies. We identify strategic sectors and encourage scalability and innovation in value chains. We improve processes and territorial connections to strengthen the competitiveness of local productive ecosystems.

We identify strategic productive sectors in different intervention areas. Our task is to identify the main technological challenges and innovation needs that can drive significant improvements in the competitiveness and productivity of local enterprises. This includes an in-depth analysis of the sectors, identifying critical points for innovation and assessing the capabilities and limitations of companies to address these technological challenges.

We work on the scaling and innovation of regional value chains, in collaboration with different actors. We carry out comprehensive diagnostics of the critical aspects affecting its growth and development, and build strategic innovation plans with an ecosystem approach. The aim is to strengthen these chains and promote sustainable regional development.

We focus on improving organizational processes and territorial linkages to boost the competitiveness of local productive ecosystems. We work in collaboration with local communities to strengthen these areas and promote the sustainability of their productions.

We develop networks of suppliers that involve small producers in collaboration with “anchor companies” that pull their productions. This not only boosts local production, but also opens up opportunities to access high-value markets, thereby strengthening local economies.

Through pilot projects, we promote local entrepreneurships and startups aligned with global demands with regards to commitment to social and climate objectives. Our goal is to support the creation of innovative, competitive and sustainable companies that benefit the region and its inhabitants.

Technological innovation

We recognize that technological innovation is a fundamental pillar to achieve sustainable development in the North of Argentina. We implement cutting-edge technologies, such as blockchain, for certification and traceability. Our digital solutions seek to transform, incorporating technological innovations, the ways in which local actors are linked to the challenges related to climate change, sustainable production and social inclusion.

We promote understanding and access to blockchain technology oriented to sustainable development. We provide opportunities for local communities to use and validate this technology, offering transformative potential for achieving environmental and social goals. We develop certification systems based on blockchain technology. This approach allows the creation of traceability solutions that revolutionize the way we manage and leverage forest resources in a sustainable way, ensuring responsible management of them.

In collaboration with various actors, we develop climate change adaptation plans in specific sectors. We design early warning systems and digital solutions that are critical to addressing climate change challenges. Our applications facilitate informed decision-making and promote climate adaptation.

Social innovation

We deeply believe in the impact of social innovation, in promoting sustainable development in the North of Argentina, leaving no one behind. We promote the creation of local social protection and promotion systems for those living in vulnerable situations and their links with social investors. These systems have as their primary objective the alleviation of poverty, the reduction of inequalities, the promotion of inclusion and the socio-economic development of local communities.

We work closely with local and regional companies to develop a strategy of business linkage with the territory in general and the most vulnerable indigenous and peasant communities in particular. We are committed to developing and building projects that generate investment and a concrete social impact in the most vulnerable communities of the North of Argentina.

To promote the integration of communities with productive systems, we promote processes of labor linkage with companies. We seek to strengthen employability capacities and the development of productive and technological enterprises. We carry out trainings with an intercultural and gender approach, aimed at young people, women and men, in various capacities that increase their possibilities of employment in local companies and income generation.

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