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With more than 1,000,000 km2, the Great American Chaco contains the largest wooded masses of the Latin American continent after Amazonia.

The Great American Chaco

1 million km2

Argentina (62.19%)
Paraguay (25.43%)
Bolivia (11.61%)
Brasil (0.77%)

Mapa de America del sur con redes chaco marcado en verde
mapa relacionado a la conexión entre Argentina y Paraguay

A territory that transcends borders.

It houses an enormous biological and cultural diversity in which Creole populations, migrants and 23 indigenous peoples coexist with its wealth of landscapes and natural resources. In contrast to this enormous wealth and relevance, the Chaco layout coincides with the poverty map, supporting alarming percentages of its population with unmet basic needs (64% in Paraguay, 59% in Bolivia and 20% in Argentina).

The Great American Chaco is a highly vulnerable region in the context of climate crisis, under enormous pressure from the expansion of the agricultural border. It is estimated that almost 10 million hectares have been transformed between 2005 and 2017.

1 million square kilometers
ecological systems
millions of people
indigenous peoples



We promote equal opportunities for all people, of all identities and fight against all forms of discrimination and gender-based violence.


We promote responsible economic development, protection of the environment and biodiversity, the use of renewable energy and the adoption of climate-smart practices. Respect for indigenous peoples we work together to achieve greater inclusion, defense and participation of indigenous peoples in the self-determination of their community priorities.


We encourage creativity and experimentation of new technological solutions, commitment to accessibility, inclusion and exchange of knowledge between people and organizations from different fields and disciplines, preserving traditional knowledge and practices


From what was the Gran Chaco PROADAPT initiative, trinational alliance, actions are articulated to contribute to the adaptive capacity of the most vulnerable social groups of the Great American Chaco and to a greater resilience of the productions in this region against the impacts derived from climate change and climate variability.

The Pilcomayo Monitoring Network or Pilcomayo Alert System, strengthened within the framework of the project, integrates satellite technology, risk maps and community monitoring in the field in order to strengthen the integral management of the Pilcomayo basin.

they integrate residents, technicians and politicians (governors, mayors, senators) of the three countries of the basin, to act in situations of risk as a result of the recurrent floods in the basin.


We have connectivity centers distributed throughout the region. Aimed at strengthening the adaptive capacity and resilience of the communities in this region, promoting the generation of innovative solutions and connectivity, to reduce isolation and strengthen the capacities of women and their organizations.

Promoted -among other programs- by projects such as NANUM Mujeres Conectados, an alliance that arises from the meeting of the initiatives Gran Chaco NANUM Village for connectivity and digital literacy and Gran Chaco PROADAPT.


The Great American Chaco Women´s Collective is a network with more than 250 organizations and 700 women linked in the 3 countries, associated with Redes Chaco and other local and international connections. Since 2010, they have managed to form a governance composed of a Steering Commission that has 8 commissions with leaders of grassroots organizations, political leaders, institutional technicians, micro-entrepreneurs and NGOs.