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Redes Chaco

We are a network of networks that aims to make visible vital issues and promote collective actions in the Great American Chaco that allow the generation of governance.

impact initiatives



Highlight the potential of the Great American Chaco through dialog processes for the development of public policies on sustainability


Create and promote collective actions around a common agenda among the actors who build the territory.


Move forward with agreements and constructions that contribute to equality in order to achieve a more equitable, diverse and fair territory.


The Great American Chaco is a globally recognized biome for its contribution to the health of the planet, its biological diversity and cultural richness. At the same time, it faces significant challenges: environmental degradation, biodiversity loss and poverty rates are some of the problems that challenge us. These challenges require attention and action.
The object of Redes Chaco is to be an active agent in the defense, development and preservation of the territory, promoting and safeguarding the fundamental connections between all inhabitats, species and cultures that constitute its diverse ecosystems.


The construction of a fair, equitable and sustainable Great American Chaco, collaborating in order that communities decide freely and informed their own priorities in the development process and enjoy a decent quality of life in a healthy and biodiverse environment.



We promote equal opportunities for all people, of all identities and fight against all forms of discrimination and gender-based violence.


We promote responsible economic development, protection of the environment and biodiversity, the use of renewable energy and the adoption of climate-smart practices. Respect for indigenous peoples we work together to achieve greater inclusion, defense and participation of indigenous peoples in the self-determination of their community priorities.


We encourage creativity and experimentation of new technological solutions, commitment to accessibility, inclusion and exchange of knowledge between people and organizations from different fields and disciplines, preserving traditional knowledge and practices


We support social progress, the sustainable and equitable economic development of rural communities, the promotion of the preservation of good agricultural practices and the appreciation of the work and creativity of local artisans, as well as the promotion of fair trade and the protection of working people rights.

Redes Chaco structure + authorities

Redes Chaco emerged in 2008 as a result of a collaborative initiative between several civil society organizations, based on the need to position the Great American Chaco as a unique biocultural space that shares an identity that transcends national borders. We are driven from the need to share learning, knowledge and strategies contributing to the creation of collective impact. Since then we have served as a platform that connects the diverse actors that make up the territory, including civil society organizations, local governments, businesses, communities and residents.

Composed of Liliana Paniagua and Pablo Frére, it fulfills the function of animating and maintaining the links of this network of networks, as well as convening and structuring the logistics of the meetings and events planned.

With references from the three countries, in the biannual events called “World Chaco Meeting”, it defines the major strategies and accompanies the actions.

The institutions and organizations that are part of this network of networks each maintain their institutional identity and develop projects that are articulated with the objectives of the network. In this context, collaboration, transparency and trust are fundamental values, being the diversity of goals, objectives and ideals of each organization, what strengthens us.

Foto grupal de todo el equipo de Redes Chaco

>Secretariado Ejecutivo
Compuesto por Liliana Paniagua y Pablo Frére, cumple la función de animar y mantener los vínculos de esta red de redes, así como convocar y estructurar la logística de las reuniones y eventos planificados.

> Consejo Asesor
Con referentes de los tres países, en los eventos bianuales denominados “Encuentro Mundial del Chaco”, define las grandes estrategias y acompaña las acciones.

> Instituciones y Organizaciones
Las instituciones y organizaciones que forman parte de esta red de redes mantienen cada una su identidad institucional y desarrollan proyectos que se articulan con los objetivos de la red. En este contexto, la colaboración, la transparencia y la confianza son valores fundamentales, siendo la diversidad de metas, objetivos e ideales de cada organización, lo que nos fortalece.

We are an open space, without hierarchical structure, where diversity is celebrated and we are characterized by the heterogeneity of those who make us up.